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Who are WE?

Post on 5th Jan 2019

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A group from India who made it from National to International platform because of their dedication and diligence with an only aim to make its country proud and bring India on the global maps of Dance.

Kings United or The Kings are the very first dance group from India to achieve a BRONZE MEDAL for its country in the year 2015 at World Hip-Hop Dance Championship (Hip-Hop International), California, USA.

Any Body Can Dance 2, a bollywood blockbuster movie was made on the journey of Kings United by the very renowned bollywood choreographer and director Remo D'souza where the character of our choreographer Suresh Mukund was played by the bollywood actor Varun Dhawan. 

From then, our journey has continued in achieving more milestones by mesmerizing the entire world with our only passion DANCE.

Many more is to come...