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The Most Epic Round Ever 'Divisional Finals' | NBC World of Dance 3

Post on 5th May 2019

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What do you all have to say about this performance?

It is really hard to explain what we were going through before our performance as we were worried of Hardik Rawat who got injured during backstage rehearsals when we were about to perform in the next 5 mins. We were completely stressed with pressure running down our nerves. All of us were really tensed along with our choreographer Suresh Mukund because we had made it so far and didn’t want to go back home. We were in complete lose of hope but we didn’t give up. We applied whatever we could to reduce his pain and thought of changing his part in those 5 mins but Hardik, with his bravery and determination chose to perform in that pain without changing anything in our choreography. As our name was announced, we could see him struggling to walk towards the stage and we literally couldn’t see him walk in this manner. Many thoughts were running into our minds with some of them even going to flashback of their 10 years of struggle and pain that took us to reach where we are today. We didn’t knew what was about to go in the next 1.5 mins but we had one thing in our minds that we got to prove ourselves. We stood strong enough together with faith and hope to show the entire the world what we could do as we couldn’t compromise our 10 years of struggle for this one. As the performance was about to begin, we had only one thing in our minds, no matter what happens just give your best and let the world decide who we are.

And what went down after that is history! Hardik Rawat just proved himself and we did what we had never thought of in this performance. We could see JLo and Ne Yo standing just after Naidu's first flip in the performance which was just 10 secs at the start and we made them stand throughout our enthralling performance. Judges reactions made us go crazy again and we just couldn’t control our emotions. 

We can proudly say that we are THE KINGS and nothing can stop us from achieving anything. All you need is a strong will power, determination and courage to make things possible what others might have not even imagined in their lives.

Take a bow to all members of our team especially Hardik Rawat, Pratik Gojare and Naidu.

Now, we made it to the World Finals by becoming the UPPER TEAM DIVISION CHAMPIONS with the highest score of 99.7 where we received two perfect scores from Ne Yo & Derek Hough and 99 from Jennifer Lopez.

This round is really going to be unforgettable for THE KINGS.

Click on the below link to watch our Divisional Finals performance now

The Kings' "Yeh Raat" Is Mind-Blowing - World of Dance 2019