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The Kings Blew the Judges Away in a Completely New Avtar in THE CUT

Post on 25th Apr 2019

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Hey Folks,

We were back again this week for THE CUT round at NBC World of Dance Season 3. Hope you all enjoyed our performance as we need came up with a new variation in this round. The performance was completely a combo package of Bollywood, Robotics and Dubstep. Also, we couldn’t find a perfect song other than Tattad Tattad from Ram Leela to go with our new variation.

The Cut round went really smooth without any hassles as compared to earlier rounds. During our rehearsals, we received a great mentoring session from the judge Ne-Yo who guided us properly with our choreography. He was already impressed but suggested few things which we needed to work on in our choreography. After taking all of his points into consideration, we were really confident and our performance turned out to be much better than our expectations during the show day. For the third time in a row, we received standing ovation from the judges and they really complimented our new variation which we tried to infuse in our act. They appreciated our Robo Walk, Bollywood song even though we received mixed reviews from Ne-Yo, overall, we received good comments from all the judges.

We, again, scored the highest by receiving a score of 97.7 in THE CUT which was same as of our Qualifiers round. This way we have advanced ourselves towards Divisional Finals which will decide the champion in upper team division. So, tune in this Sunday to NBC World of Dance and get to witness the best performances of all contestants of the respective divisions.

 If you missed to watch our CUT performance, then click on the link below

The Kings Blow the Judges Away with "Tattad Tattad" - World of Dance 2019