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Post on 14th Apr 2019

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Indeed, a good start of the week for THE KINGS!

Finally, after waiting for more than one month, we are back with our duel’s performance. We were seriously on cloud nine after the performance as we received much greater appreciation and response as compared to our Qualifiers performance. The judge’s reactions made us much happier as we could see them going crazy especially Derek Hough and JLo. This round was unbelievable as we achieved a score of 99.3 along with a perfect score from NeYo.  We couldn’t control ourselves after seeing it on the scoreboard as we never expected to achieve such a high score for this performance. Since, this was one of the highest scores ever for us, we would like you all to know how we were able to achieve this with all of our hard work and determination.

After qualifiers, all the selected Upper Teams were called backstage for our duels picking and there we met our judges NeYo and Derek Hough. Being on top of the leaderboard, we were given the first opportunity to pick opponents for Duels. We had an elaborate discussion within our team members and also, with our mentor Suresh Mukund. On the basis of what we had discussed and according to the leaderboard scores, we chose to compete against Motiv Crew from USA.

This time we chose to represent our culture of Bollywood industry for the second round and if it is Bollywood, then how can we miss to use the most celebrated song of the decade from Bajirao Mastani – Malhari. We found this song to be the perfect option for our second performance and the preparations began to come up with something better as compared to our Qualifiers. We tried to involve many signature moves from the song in our performance which would amaze the judges and luckily, it did when Derek came to stage after watching our performance to do one hook step along with us (Visit our Instagram profile to watch it now).

When we were all set with our performance two days before the show day, two of our crew members encountered with an injury during stage rehearsals. That moment actually made us worried as this was something we didn’t expect and that too, when we were just two days away from the show. Considering their injuries, we had to make many changes in our act as they were the most crucial members who did all of our tricks during the performance. We made them rest for two days, provided them with proper medical support so that we could make them dance during the show day. We really appreciate the hospitality services which we received from the team of World of Dance as they were continuously looking after our crew members with utmost care and attention. We didn’t make them perform during technical as we were worried because making them perform might result in worsening their injury on stage and that would make them impossible to perform the next day. So, instead, we made them rest by giving all the required medicinal support to make them heal as early as possible. We were so much worried as we hadn’t given any full performances and didn’t knew how the end would look like in our performance after going through many changes during rehearsals.

During the show day, we just prayed for the best before going onto the stage and at the same time, we were worried about their injury. Just when our name was announced, ‘Coming up next on stage is THE KINGS’, we were very nervous but had one thing in my mind to give our best no matter whatever happens. Luckily in that 1.5 mins, everything went well much more than what we expected and we burned the opponents with our signature move. At the end of the performance what happened made us stunned when we saw judges going crazy after watching our performance. We got really good comments from all of them and Derek Hough even came to the stage to perform with us. Jennifer Lopez just couldn’t get over her reactions and that made us much more happier.

In Duels, we received the highest score of 99.3 with a perfect score of 100 from Ne Yo. This score really made us sleep so good that night and we celebrated with each other. We really loved to compete against one of the strongest team MOTIV CREW and they really made us inspire much more. Now, it’s time to grind for THE CUT. We really can’t wait to show you all what are we coming up with in the next round.

If you still haven't watch our DUELS performance then click on the below link to watch it now!

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