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Post on 26th Mar 2019

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World of Dance!

(Awestruck) This was our reaction when we got to know that we have been selected for the third season of World's Biggest Dance Competition NBC World of Dance. Our first week was more of fun and excitement rather than nervousness and anxiety. It all started from Day 1 when we were called for wardrobe trial on set and there, we met many participants from our division who had come from different parts of the world. The people there were so cheerful that they just greet you even if you don't know each other and that is the culture nurtured in America. 

We had our orientation where we were explained about the show and its procedure but those moments were just spent in knowing other contestants of the show, their culture and how they got to be part of this competition. We started interacting with lot of teams but there was one crew who were really special and favorites as we were able to connect when we met them for the first time. They were The Main Guys from Norway. When we were doing some reality shoot at backstage, we were asked by the production team to go and interact with them. At first, we were little bit hesitant but later it was fun when saw them interacting with us in Hindi. The conversation was so fun that we discussed a lot of things about both the cultures, importance of dance in both the countries, exchanged few slangs and many more but the best part was interacting with them in Hindi and learning few lines in Norwegian. From then, whenever we used to meet, we would greet each other as ‘Oooo Bhaiii’ and it really sound much funnier with the accent.

Whenever the teams of upper division were allotted some free time, we could see many of them rehearsing their routines, some of them involved in their exercises but it was a completely different scenario when it came to The Kings. We utilized that time in playing games as that was our biggest stress buster.

On the day of Dry block, we were given an opportunity to rehearse on the stage of World of Dance for the very first time and that moment was very special as we were at our dream place which we used to just watch only in videos and rest what happened on the show day is history.

The Kings really enjoyed first week as these were the days spent in exploring a completely different world and meeting new people. We have really captured some great memories which we will reminisce down the line and cherish for life time.

Now, it’s time to get pumped up for DUELS.

Get to know more of our backstage scene by clicking on the video below