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World's Best Choreographers NappyTabs

Post on 22nd Mar 2019

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First day on set and we met the World's Best Choreographers NappyTabs!!

In this world, we all of us have a dream to work with someone who is best in their respective field. Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo who are popularly known as NappyTabs are considered as one of the greatest choreographers who have mesmerized the entertainment industry with their unique creativity. They have been responsible for creatively producing some of the remarkable shows like America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew and many more.

When we met them for the first time, we were asked to show our routine of qualifiers. We were really excited and pumped up as we wanted to show what we had brought along with us on the World’s Biggest Dance stage. Just after the performance, their reactions just made us awestruck because that was something which we never expected in our lives. We saw them running, throwing off their shoes and the next full minutes was full of praises wondering what just happened. They just kept on continuously praising our performance as they had never seen such kind of act in their career. Even during the conversation, Napoleon called us closer together and said one statement “THIS IS THE BEST ROUTINE I HAVE EVER SEEN”. This one statement was enough to make our day as we didn’t expect that we would receive such appreciation from the people whom the world admires for their unique talent and work.

During the show day, we performed according to their expectations and received a massive score of 97.7 and were on top of the table not just in our division but also amongst all other participants of different division thus, making it the highest score for qualifiers. We would really like to thank NappyTabs who always supported us and helped us presenting much better on stage. We are really greatest admirers of their work and would love to work with them again very soon.

Check out this video to see how they reacted to our first performance:

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