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The Kings | NBC World of Dance | Qualifiers | Behind the Scenes

Post on 27th Feb 2019

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Starting off the season with a BOOM!!

Hope you all enjoyed our first performance on the world'd biggest dance competition NBC World of Dance. Those moments still seems surreal for us when JLo and Derek Hough threw their shoes after our performance and went nuts on stage. Each one of us were spellbound as we never expected this gesture and that too, on the biggest competition we have ever witnessed in our lives. 

We received a lot of love and support from the audience as well for our remarkable performance and score from the judges just made our day. 97.7!! Can you all just believe it? This just made us the top scorer in Qualifiers at NBC World of Dance. 

We just would like to thank all of our supporters for believing in us and who all have been always together in our every journey. As said, this is just the start and many more is yet to be witnessed.

Stay tuned to our page, stay tuned to World of Dance and enjoy this season with us!

For people who still haven't watched our performance, please visit the following link:

The Kings Blow the Judges Away with an Incredible Routine - World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)