15th Jan 2020


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5th May 2019

Spartans are Here! In the Endgame for One Last Time | The Kings | World Finals

Spartans are here!

Here we are, gearing up for the World Finals one last time. It’s our ENDGAME and we are ready to give WHATEVER IT TAKES. We never expected that we would make it so far and too, in the finale competing with the winners of each division. The journey has been really wonderful till now with all those pains, struggle, happiness that we got to experience with each and every contestant and also, with the production team of World of Dance who have been supporting and motivating us for a very long time in this competition. No matter whatever happens in the finale, either we win or lose, we will always be happy thinking that we were the first team from India to reach this position and compete against the best talents from all around the world. Tonight, we are going to give our best and try to ensure to bring the title back home INDIA. One last time, The Kings are ready to showcase their best on the World’s Biggest Dance competition NBC World of Dance. We hope to mesmerize the judges again and hit that perfect score from all three of them as we are coming up something new which people might have never seen on US Television. We are replicating our Baahubali theme but in the style of Spartans. We still remember how Baahubali Theatrical Act became a sensation overnight here in India where we received roaring applauses from many people across the country including the director of Baahubali SS Rajamouli. We hope to create the same vibe and magic in USA as well with our performance which resonates on the theme of Hollywood movie 300 starred by Gerard Butler in the leading role. We really have many surprising elements for you all and it is really going to blow your minds off after watching it. Witness it tonight only on NBC World of Dance Season 3 as The Kings are coming to rule for one last time but forever to make a mark in the history of World of Dance.

Meanwhile, we request you to support and pray for us by posting about The Kings with the hashtag #gokingsgoindia.

Hope you will enjoy our Finale act. Till then, stay calm before the storm.

5th May 2019

The Most Epic Round Ever 'Divisional Finals' | NBC World of Dance 3

What do you all have to say about this performance?

It is really hard to explain what we were going through before our performance as we were worried of Hardik Rawat who got injured during backstage rehearsals when we were about to perform in the next 5 mins. We were completely stressed with pressure running down our nerves. All of us were really tensed along with our choreographer Suresh Mukund because we had made it so far and didn’t want to go back home. We were in complete lose of hope but we didn’t give up. We applied whatever we could to reduce his pain and thought of changing his part in those 5 mins but Hardik, with his bravery and determination chose to perform in that pain without changing anything in our choreography. As our name was announced, we could see him struggling to walk towards the stage and we literally couldn’t see him walk in this manner. Many thoughts were running into our minds with some of them even going to flashback of their 10 years of struggle and pain that took us to reach where we are today. We didn’t knew what was about to go in the next 1.5 mins but we had one thing in our minds that we got to prove ourselves. We stood strong enough together with faith and hope to show the entire the world what we could do as we couldn’t compromise our 10 years of struggle for this one. As the performance was about to begin, we had only one thing in our minds, no matter what happens just give your best and let the world decide who we are.

And what went down after that is history! Hardik Rawat just proved himself and we did what we had never thought of in this performance. We could see JLo and Ne Yo standing just after Naidu's first flip in the performance which was just 10 secs at the start and we made them stand throughout our enthralling performance. Judges reactions made us go crazy again and we just couldn’t control our emotions. 

We can proudly say that we are THE KINGS and nothing can stop us from achieving anything. All you need is a strong will power, determination and courage to make things possible what others might have not even imagined in their lives.

Take a bow to all members of our team especially Hardik Rawat, Pratik Gojare and Naidu.

Now, we made it to the World Finals by becoming the UPPER TEAM DIVISION CHAMPIONS with the highest score of 99.7 where we received two perfect scores from Ne Yo & Derek Hough and 99 from Jennifer Lopez.

This round is really going to be unforgettable for THE KINGS.

Click on the below link to watch our Divisional Finals performance now

The Kings' "Yeh Raat" Is Mind-Blowing - World of Dance 2019

25th Apr 2019

The Kings Blew the Judges Away in a Completely New Avtar in THE CUT

Hey Folks,

We were back again this week for THE CUT round at NBC World of Dance Season 3. Hope you all enjoyed our performance as we need came up with a new variation in this round. The performance was completely a combo package of Bollywood, Robotics and Dubstep. Also, we couldn’t find a perfect song other than Tattad Tattad from Ram Leela to go with our new variation.

The Cut round went really smooth without any hassles as compared to earlier rounds. During our rehearsals, we received a great mentoring session from the judge Ne-Yo who guided us properly with our choreography. He was already impressed but suggested few things which we needed to work on in our choreography. After taking all of his points into consideration, we were really confident and our performance turned out to be much better than our expectations during the show day. For the third time in a row, we received standing ovation from the judges and they really complimented our new variation which we tried to infuse in our act. They appreciated our Robo Walk, Bollywood song even though we received mixed reviews from Ne-Yo, overall, we received good comments from all the judges.

We, again, scored the highest by receiving a score of 97.7 in THE CUT which was same as of our Qualifiers round. This way we have advanced ourselves towards Divisional Finals which will decide the champion in upper team division. So, tune in this Sunday to NBC World of Dance and get to witness the best performances of all contestants of the respective divisions.

 If you missed to watch our CUT performance, then click on the link below

The Kings Blow the Judges Away with "Tattad Tattad" - World of Dance 2019

14th Apr 2019

The Kings (Kings United) | Duels | NBC World of Dance


Indeed, a good start of the week for THE KINGS!

Finally, after waiting for more than one month, we are back with our duel’s performance. We were seriously on cloud nine after the performance as we received much greater appreciation and response as compared to our Qualifiers performance. The judge’s reactions made us much happier as we could see them going crazy especially Derek Hough and JLo. This round was unbelievable as we achieved a score of 99.3 along with a perfect score from NeYo.  We couldn’t control ourselves after seeing it on the scoreboard as we never expected to achieve such a high score for this performance. Since, this was one of the highest scores ever for us, we would like you all to know how we were able to achieve this with all of our hard work and determination.

After qualifiers, all the selected Upper Teams were called backstage for our duels picking and there we met our judges NeYo and Derek Hough. Being on top of the leaderboard, we were given the first opportunity to pick opponents for Duels. We had an elaborate discussion within our team members and also, with our mentor Suresh Mukund. On the basis of what we had discussed and according to the leaderboard scores, we chose to compete against Motiv Crew from USA.

This time we chose to represent our culture of Bollywood industry for the second round and if it is Bollywood, then how can we miss to use the most celebrated song of the decade from Bajirao Mastani – Malhari. We found this song to be the perfect option for our second performance and the preparations began to come up with something better as compared to our Qualifiers. We tried to involve many signature moves from the song in our performance which would amaze the judges and luckily, it did when Derek came to stage after watching our performance to do one hook step along with us (Visit our Instagram profile to watch it now).

When we were all set with our performance two days before the show day, two of our crew members encountered with an injury during stage rehearsals. That moment actually made us worried as this was something we didn’t expect and that too, when we were just two days away from the show. Considering their injuries, we had to make many changes in our act as they were the most crucial members who did all of our tricks during the performance. We made them rest for two days, provided them with proper medical support so that we could make them dance during the show day. We really appreciate the hospitality services which we received from the team of World of Dance as they were continuously looking after our crew members with utmost care and attention. We didn’t make them perform during technical as we were worried because making them perform might result in worsening their injury on stage and that would make them impossible to perform the next day. So, instead, we made them rest by giving all the required medicinal support to make them heal as early as possible. We were so much worried as we hadn’t given any full performances and didn’t knew how the end would look like in our performance after going through many changes during rehearsals.

During the show day, we just prayed for the best before going onto the stage and at the same time, we were worried about their injury. Just when our name was announced, ‘Coming up next on stage is THE KINGS’, we were very nervous but had one thing in my mind to give our best no matter whatever happens. Luckily in that 1.5 mins, everything went well much more than what we expected and we burned the opponents with our signature move. At the end of the performance what happened made us stunned when we saw judges going crazy after watching our performance. We got really good comments from all of them and Derek Hough even came to the stage to perform with us. Jennifer Lopez just couldn’t get over her reactions and that made us much more happier.

In Duels, we received the highest score of 99.3 with a perfect score of 100 from Ne Yo. This score really made us sleep so good that night and we celebrated with each other. We really loved to compete against one of the strongest team MOTIV CREW and they really made us inspire much more. Now, it’s time to grind for THE CUT. We really can’t wait to show you all what are we coming up with in the next round.

If you still haven't watch our DUELS performance then click on the below link to watch it now!

The Kings | Duels Performance | NBC World of Dance Season 3 | Malhari | Bajirao Mastani

6th Apr 2019

Time to gear up for DUELS

Time for DUELS!

It has been more than one month since our qualifiers performance and here, we are again to enthrall you all with our quirky Hip Hop routine with an essence of Bollywood. Get ready to witness the craziest duels ever and watch us make our opponents burn with signature moves. Tune up tomorrow at 8 PM PST to get a glimpse of the most epic battle in DUELS.

26th Mar 2019

Backstage Scenes | The Kings | World of Dance

World of Dance!

(Awestruck) This was our reaction when we got to know that we have been selected for the third season of World's Biggest Dance Competition NBC World of Dance. Our first week was more of fun and excitement rather than nervousness and anxiety. It all started from Day 1 when we were called for wardrobe trial on set and there, we met many participants from our division who had come from different parts of the world. The people there were so cheerful that they just greet you even if you don't know each other and that is the culture nurtured in America. 

We had our orientation where we were explained about the show and its procedure but those moments were just spent in knowing other contestants of the show, their culture and how they got to be part of this competition. We started interacting with lot of teams but there was one crew who were really special and favorites as we were able to connect when we met them for the first time. They were The Main Guys from Norway. When we were doing some reality shoot at backstage, we were asked by the production team to go and interact with them. At first, we were little bit hesitant but later it was fun when saw them interacting with us in Hindi. The conversation was so fun that we discussed a lot of things about both the cultures, importance of dance in both the countries, exchanged few slangs and many more but the best part was interacting with them in Hindi and learning few lines in Norwegian. From then, whenever we used to meet, we would greet each other as ‘Oooo Bhaiii’ and it really sound much funnier with the accent.

Whenever the teams of upper division were allotted some free time, we could see many of them rehearsing their routines, some of them involved in their exercises but it was a completely different scenario when it came to The Kings. We utilized that time in playing games as that was our biggest stress buster.

On the day of Dry block, we were given an opportunity to rehearse on the stage of World of Dance for the very first time and that moment was very special as we were at our dream place which we used to just watch only in videos and rest what happened on the show day is history.

The Kings really enjoyed first week as these were the days spent in exploring a completely different world and meeting new people. We have really captured some great memories which we will reminisce down the line and cherish for life time.

Now, it’s time to get pumped up for DUELS.

Get to know more of our backstage scene by clicking on the video below


22nd Mar 2019

World's Best Choreographers NappyTabs

First day on set and we met the World's Best Choreographers NappyTabs!!

In this world, we all of us have a dream to work with someone who is best in their respective field. Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo who are popularly known as NappyTabs are considered as one of the greatest choreographers who have mesmerized the entertainment industry with their unique creativity. They have been responsible for creatively producing some of the remarkable shows like America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew and many more.

When we met them for the first time, we were asked to show our routine of qualifiers. We were really excited and pumped up as we wanted to show what we had brought along with us on the World’s Biggest Dance stage. Just after the performance, their reactions just made us awestruck because that was something which we never expected in our lives. We saw them running, throwing off their shoes and the next full minutes was full of praises wondering what just happened. They just kept on continuously praising our performance as they had never seen such kind of act in their career. Even during the conversation, Napoleon called us closer together and said one statement “THIS IS THE BEST ROUTINE I HAVE EVER SEEN”. This one statement was enough to make our day as we didn’t expect that we would receive such appreciation from the people whom the world admires for their unique talent and work.

During the show day, we performed according to their expectations and received a massive score of 97.7 and were on top of the table not just in our division but also amongst all other participants of different division thus, making it the highest score for qualifiers. We would really like to thank NappyTabs who always supported us and helped us presenting much better on stage. We are really greatest admirers of their work and would love to work with them again very soon.

Check out this video to see how they reacted to our first performance:

The Kings | NBC World of Dance Season 3 | Qualifiers Performance | NappyTabs Review

27th Feb 2019

The Kings | NBC World of Dance | Qualifiers | Behind the Scenes

Starting off the season with a BOOM!!

Hope you all enjoyed our first performance on the world'd biggest dance competition NBC World of Dance. Those moments still seems surreal for us when JLo and Derek Hough threw their shoes after our performance and went nuts on stage. Each one of us were spellbound as we never expected this gesture and that too, on the biggest competition we have ever witnessed in our lives. 

We received a lot of love and support from the audience as well for our remarkable performance and score from the judges just made our day. 97.7!! Can you all just believe it? This just made us the top scorer in Qualifiers at NBC World of Dance. 

We just would like to thank all of our supporters for believing in us and who all have been always together in our every journey. As said, this is just the start and many more is yet to be witnessed.

Stay tuned to our page, stay tuned to World of Dance and enjoy this season with us!

For people who still haven't watched our performance, please visit the following link:

The Kings Blow the Judges Away with an Incredible Routine - World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

25th Feb 2019

No Calm But Only Storm | NBC World of Dance Season 3 | The Kings

There is no calm but only storm that will be witnessed tomorrow on the world's biggest showdown of the year. We are ready to showcase the best of our talent with some unique tricks which people might have never seen it before on NBC World of Dance. We hope to give our best and make our country proud again. GO INDIA!!

2nd Feb 2019

First Look | World of Dance Season 3 | The Kings

Unveiling our first look at the world's biggest dance competition NBC World of Dance Season 3. We are really excited to compete with best talents of the world  and thrilled to perform in front of the super talented judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne Yo and Derek Hough.

How much excited are you all to see us perform in World of Dance?

31st Jan 2019

Dance Plus 4 | Indian Army | Kings United

Hope you all enjoyed our performance in Dance  Plus. It was indeed an honor to perform for THE INDIAN ARMY on the occasion of Republic day in the fourth season of this show. Also, we were mesmerized to see so many rising talents who were actually giving us jaw dropping performances with their death defying tricks. We wish all the finalists best of luck and hope the best comes out to be the winner of this highly acclaimed reality show in our country.

13th Jan 2019

Kings United Kingdom Of Art

Few years ago, when we were into our nurturing days, our choreographer Suresh Mukund always had a dream of creating the biggest dance academy in India with an aim to build the best dancing talents of our country. Today, we can proudly say that we have achieved his dream by creating the biggest dance academy in India with the name KINGS UNITED KINGDOM OF ART.

For the past three years, we have been training over more 1000 students at our dance school in various dance styles like Hip Hop, Contemporary, Urban, Bollywood and Acrobatics. We have specialized professional dance courses for the people who wish to pursue a career in dance and fulfill their precious dreams. The training which we provide is very much intense covering various aspects of that particular dance form along with personality development sessions where we help them to grow professionally. 

Today, we have many emerging talents from our dance school who are making their mark in many competitions all over India. We have few extraordinary talented people who have continued their journey as a teacher from being a student at our dance school. Looking back at our journey, we can proudly say that we have not built an academy but a place to build your dreams.

5th Jan 2019

Who are WE?

A group from India who made it from National to International platform because of their dedication and diligence with an only aim to make its country proud and bring India on the global maps of Dance.

Kings United or The Kings are the very first dance group from India to achieve a BRONZE MEDAL for its country in the year 2015 at World Hip-Hop Dance Championship (Hip-Hop International), California, USA.

Any Body Can Dance 2, a bollywood blockbuster movie was made on the journey of Kings United by the very renowned bollywood choreographer and director Remo D'souza where the character of our choreographer Suresh Mukund was played by the bollywood actor Varun Dhawan. 

From then, our journey has continued in achieving more milestones by mesmerizing the entire world with our only passion DANCE.

Many more is to come...