Suresh Mukund

Founder / Choreographer

Suresh Mukund started his journey with a small reality show and finally drove this team - The Kings to be known as the World Champions. From Boogie to India's Got Talent, making his way to be known as the only crew who won Bronze Medal in the World's Biggest Hip-Hop Championship in 2015 at California. His journey roused the entire country and most to the Bollywood industry who dedicated a movie - Any Body Can Dance 2, where his character was portrayed by Varun Dhawan. Because of his diligent work and devotion towards the dancing industry, Kings United was perceived all around the country driving them to enter the Dance Champions reality TV show in 2017 at Mumbai. With the epic performances, for example, Baahubali, Avtar and the Robotics made the judges speechless. Close by, Suresh had just begun with his very own dance studio to help different artists accomplish and become familiar with all the dance structures. Giving them the learning of dance styles to helping them with scholarships drove the school to turn into the best dancing school in India. Kings United Crew was then welcomed for some entertainment ceremony to perform as a guest. Suresh and his group arranged a Bollywood Act on the 45th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony of Donald Trump at Lincoln Memorial. They performed on Indian honor shows, for example, Big Star Entertainment Awards 2012 and 2013, IIFA Awards 2013 and 2019, Film Fare Awards 2014 and 2019, Star Screen Awards 2015, Zee Cine Awards 2017, and so forth. His motive was to see the flag of India on top which persuaded him and the crew to become the Gold Medalist of NBC World Of Dance Season 3 in 2019 at California. Suresh Mukund is the first Indian choreographer to be nominated for Emmy Awards. He is an inspiration for different artists who accept and believe that India is known for dance on a universal level is a result of him.