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At The Kings, we don’t just dance; we elevate it to an art form. From our humble beginnings to becoming international champions, our journey has been nothing short of spectacular. Established in Mumbai, our dance studio is not just a place to learn dance; it’s a vibrant community where passion meets excellence.

Founded in 2009, The Kings began as a small group of dedicated dancers with a dream. Today, we are renowned for our innovative choreography, high-energy performances, and unmatched dedication to the craft. Our studio offers a diverse range of dance styles including hip-hop, contemporary, Bollywood, and classical Indian dance, catering to dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Kings Dance Studio: Where Passion Meets Movement!

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Expert Instruction

Our team of experienced dance instructors are dedicated to helping students of all levels achieve their dance goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer aiming to refine your skills, our instructors are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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Variety of Dance Styles

From ballet and jazz to hip-hop and contemporary, Kings Dance Studio offers a diverse range of dance styles to cater to different interests and preferences. Explore new genres, challenge yourself creatively, and discover the joy of expression through movement.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our purpose-built dance studio is equipped with top-notch amenities and a spacious dance floor to enhance your training experience. Experience the thrill of dancing in a professional setting that is designed to inspire and elevate your performance.

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Performance Opportunities

Showcase your talent and passion on stage through our annual recitals, competitions, and showcases. Gain valuable performance experience, build confidence, and celebrate your hard work and dedication alongside your peers and instructors.

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Community Engagement

Join a vibrant community of dancers who share your enthusiasm for dance. Connect with like-minded individuals, make lasting friendships, and build a support system that encourages growth, creativity, and mutual respect.

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Our Courses


Enjoy a year of unlimited dance training at Kings Dance Studio! Access all courses and workshops, compete in in-house events, and customize your schedule. Explore styles like Hip-hop, Ballet, Contemporary, and more. Benefit from career opportunities and learn from top-notch instructors in a vibrant dance community. Elevate your dance journey today!

The Kings


Discover the key to unlocking your dance potential with  professional training program. Elevate your skills under expert guidance, tailored to enhance technique and artistry. Our program ensures you receive certification, stay updated with real-time knowledge, and participate in exclusive masterclasses with renowned dancers and choreographers. Join us to cultivate your passion and achieve dance excellence. 


Join our Intensive Training Program at Kings Dance Studio, tailored for professionals looking to master a particular dance style. Refine your technique, enhance artistry, and receive personalized coaching in a focused, transformative environment. Elevate your dance skills with us today.



Musicals Concerts, Theatrical Acts, Dance Reality Shows, Award Shows, Serials, Advertisements,


Choreography for Music videos with Celebrities, Dance Music Video Collaboration.


Choreography and Training for Sangeet & Wedding


Performances for National & International Shows and Corporate Events


Performances in renowned award ceremonies at National & International Platforms

Celebrity Judge

Suresh Mukund & Team as Celebrity Judge (for TV Dance Reality Shows/ Schools / Colleges/ Dance Events)

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Our Clients

Vivek HoppersVivek Hoppers
07:51 25 Apr 24
Digvijay DesaiDigvijay Desai
02:28 15 Apr 24
03:19 08 Apr 24
I have also joined and seen that this is the best studio for dancing.
Soonruta KothadiaSoonruta Kothadia
04:33 04 Apr 24
Spacious studio in Andheri! We rented it to host some workshops and it was a great experience. A music system update would make it even better.
10:23 31 Mar 24
Place looks cozy, most importantly washroom is clean😭
Anveshika SinghAnveshika Singh
08:59 17 Mar 24
This workshop was really amazing, as it gave a proper clarification about what all is gonna happen in the course and also what elements an individual has to work on to enter the fashion industry.A good path explainer and platform for those who want to enter this industry.
Anishek SinghAnishek Singh
08:47 07 Feb 24
I'm doing diploma form kings and the learning experience is awesome and the class atmosphere is energetic.the teachers are very supportive and always ready to help
10:57 06 Feb 24
The kings dance studio is very good choice for all beginner dancers . The management is well trained and all ways ready to help all the students . Teachers have excellent teaching experience all the mam and sir are very good in on their own styles.

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